AdultFriendFinder Review

Looking for a new friend or a companion using hookup sites?

Of course, you’re not. You’re here for a hookup. It’s cool I am, too, and that’s why I joined AdultFriendFinder.

I recently moved to a new city (United States)for a fresh start and I literally didn’t know anyone here. It was tough, especially as I’ve always been a tad introverted. Not completely shy but also not the best at rocking up to a stranger in a bar and saying ‘hi.’

And when you just want sex as I did that’s kind of a stumbling block. Then I came across AdultFriendFinder.

AdultFriendFinder is what you could call a sex-positive dating site that’s home to more than 80 million members. It’s totally legit and you can use it to make new friends in your city or find someone who’s got similar sexual interests as you, and who wants some no-strings-attached sex.

It’s also aimed at couples who want to push the sexual boundaries of their relationship and explore new things with new people.


    Okay, here’s the scoop: AdultFriendFinder is free to sign up to like most adult dating sites.

    However, there’s not really a lot you can do as a free member. You can fill out your profile (which takes a while) and you can have a browse around. But you can’t send messages or emails to other members, neither can you create your own videos or do pretty much anything else.

    Moreover, your search options are limited, too.

    That said, there are a few things that you can still do for free. I write ‘still’ because I’m aware that AdultFriend Finder used to give free members more cool stuff to do (Without using a credit card) but they’ve since placed lots of restrictions on them.

    Here’s what you can do for free on AFF:

    • You can ‘like’ videos and photos uploaded by others
    • You can create your own HotList of sexy profiles
    • You can join the various groups on AFF
    • You can comment on photos
    • You can watch the videos uploaded to the homepage
    • You can use search filters

    Crucially, you can’t fire up conversations with people. Pretty soon, you will want to do that!

    So, what are your paid options?

    AFF offers a few different account types:

    • 1 Month membership 39.95 USD / Month
    • 3 Months membership 26.95 USD / Month
    • 12 Months membership 20.00 USD / Month

    All account types let you message anyone but anyone who’s still on the free plan won’t be able to shoot you a message back.

    Personally, I started things off with the 1 Month Gold membership plan using my credit card. I paid £19.95 in a one-off payment and I was on my way. With this paid membership, I could:

    • View full profiles
    • Send messages to users
    • Open and read messages from other users
    • Add friends
    • Use the chat service
    • Upload and share videos of my own
    • Watch public live streams

    All payments must be made with a credit or debit card, and you can open and access your account on a mobile device.

    AFF Gold Membership

    Okay, so that’s where the about Adult Friend Finder Gold Membership comes in. If you like the site and want to unlock all the features, you should probably just bite the bullet and buy a Gold Membership. Plus, once you’re a gold member, the site really starts working for you. How? They’ll display your profile first in searches and open up all the search filters to you, and a bunch more good stuff we’ll sum up for you below.

    The site’s really juicy features are all part of the Gold Membership. First of all, you can send and receive unlimited messages. You can also go way deeper into member profiles and videos. See private photo albums of the site’s hottest members and interact with your favorite members by sending gifts or tipping member updates and videos (just like if you were in da club).

    And here’s the thing: the site will give back what you put in. The more involved and interactive you are with the site, the more action Adult Friend Finder returns for you. Your site activity makes it easy for the site’s other members to see your profile. And more members equal… more members. (Swear, that was the last one.)

    Gold Membership Costs

    Sounds good, but how much is it gonna cost? You can get a single month of the Gold Membership for $40. But if you’re looking for an AFF Gold Membership discount, you’ll need to sign up for a longer membership cycle. You can join as a Gold Member for 3 months for $27/month.

    But you’ll get the best deal when you purchase a yearlong membership. This brings your monthly cost down to just $20. This is actually the same price as a standard monthly membership, remember? You are officially winning. The total annual Adult Friend Finder fee for Gold Membership is $240 and is billed once a year. The accepted Adult Friend Finder payment methods are Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and Direct Debit.

    So what are the rest of the features the Adult Friend Finder Gold Membership gets you? You’ll have way more options with the search filter in terms of granularity. Plus, you’ll also get access to full-size pics and full-length videos, as well as to full member profiles.

    Some of the site’s sexiest content is hidden to everyone except Gold Members. And you’ll be able to send flirts and friend requests and store up to 1,000 members in your Hot List. What’s more, you’ll get preferred access when it comes to Adult Friend Finder customer service and technical support. Get ready for some serious action.

    Audience Quality Are The Profiles Real?

    One of the things I was a little concerned about before I signed up for Adult Friend Finder was how real (or fake) the profiles were.Upon signing up, I instantly got a message from a user wanting sex with me. It all seemed a bit too good to be true.And, look, Adult Friend Finder is home to more than 300,000,000 registered users. That’s a LOT and it’s normal to be a bit concerned that some of these users won’t be real.But here’s the thing: While there are some fake profiles on AdultFriendFinder, there are also fake profiles on all the adult dating sites. There are fake profiles on OK Cupid, POF, and Tinder.Moreover, there are also plenty of real profiles on AFF, and it’s also super simple to spot a fake profile.How? For one thing, look out for Gold members. If someone has a paid membership, it means they’re paying at least $20 per month for Adult Friend Finder. A fake profile wouldn’t do that.How to spot a gold member? They’ll have the gold member icon next to their name. Like these:I’ve also done some research on Reddit and learned that many girls won’t meet a guy off AdultFriendFinder unless he has a Gold membership. Think of it as being a seal of approval a sign that you’re genuine and credible on the hookup sites.Another way to spot a real profile from a fake one (and vice versa) is to take a proper look at the profile. While real profiles won’t always be fully filled out with info and photos, you can guarantee that a profile that is fully fleshed out with info and pics is real.This is an example of a real profile:And this is really the thing with AdultFriendFinder: I’ve read a lot of people say that they’ve had ‘no luck’ with it and that it’s, therefore, a ‘scam.’ They’ve said that they’ve signed up, paid for the membership, and still got nowhere. Their conclusion, then, is that the profiles are fake.Not true. To get the most out of adult friendfinder, you, first of all, have to fill in your profile, add pics and answer the series of prompts given to you by AdultFriendFinder, such as preferred sex positions et cetera. This makes you more attractive to the right people.Then, you have to be patient and put in some effort when it comes to connecting with people. Whilst AdultFriend Finder is a hookup site, that doesn’t mean you can just say ‘hey’ to a man or woman and meet up within the next hour. These are still real people that are as concerned as you might be about fake profiles.So, flesh out your profile. Then, find the real profiles you like (look out for the Gold membership icon) and add them to your Hot List. Then, strike up a proper conversation with people.


    In this section, I’m going to talk about AdultFriendFinder’s usability. That is, I’ll take a look at the registration process, the layout of the website, and all the special features.

    The Signup Process

    When you first signup, the registration process is super fast and you can probably get it all done within just 5 minutes or less. There are only two pages you need to fill in at first, and these include your username and your headline, as well as the key details, such as your age, gender, and location.You will also be asked for your sexual preference, including your sexual orientation, as well as the sexual orientation of the person you’re looking to meet. You don’t need to settle for just one or two orientations you can choose as many as you like.I’ve seen some users on Reddit complain about the overall registration process, saying that it takes too long. In my own experience, this isn’t the case at all. Moreover, it’s all completely necessary if you want to have the best experience possible.And if you’re signing up for free for the time being and don’t wish to message anyone just yet, you don’t have to fill everything in.


    Live member webcams

    This is a feature many users will definitely want to take advantage of, as it allows you to watch a variety of adult friendfinder members who are broadcasting publicly for your viewing pleasure. Only online members are able to broadcast and if you want to know who is live, all you need to do is check the homepage.It’s a feature I checked out a few times and I loved how interactive it was, as you can see from the image:


    You can find the blogs under the ‘community’ tab on the homepage. These blogs are all created by everyday AdultFriendFinder members like you and I, and new blogs are being posted literally all the time.As you can see from the image below, several blogs have been created in just the last few hours:I like reading the blogs because they give you a sense of community while making it easier for you to get to know people and establish contact with someone you like. Once you’re a Gold member, you can comment on blog posts and even create your own.Creating your own blog post is, indeed, a fab way to get yourself noticed. The post doesn’t even need to be about sex but in terms of engagement, it definitely helps if it is 😉

    Chat Rooms

    The blog is definitely a good way to immerse yourself in the pretty unique AdultFriendFinder culture, but chat rooms are on another friendfinder is home to numerous public chat rooms where you can pop in and talk about anything sexual. You can open up about your most intimate desires, ask questions, and make hot new friends … before potentially hooking up with someone.Once you’ve got your Gold membership, you’re also free to create your very own room or group where others can join and chat to you. The only rule is that there are no rules!


    This is a really popular feature that the more confidence among you will simply love.The contests are decided and run by and they change every few days. As you can see from the image below, the current contest is ‘Play With Your Food.’ The idea is that you take a picture of yourself playing erotically with food and enter it.The prizes are good, too first place gets a year’s worth of membership.

    Sex Academy

    If you’re a little unsure of yourself in the bedroom, AdultFriendFinder’s Sex Academy is for you.The Sex Academy is a fun course designed to improve your confidence while opening your eyes on what’s possible. It will also introduce you to terms you might not have heard of before I’d personally never heard of ‘sleep fucking’ and it offers advice to couples.Sex Academy is only available to Gold members.


    AdultFriendFinder is fairly basic in terms of its design. There is no fluff here and certainly no frills. Instead, it gives users exactly what they want access to fellow users who want sex.The homepage is really erotic and in-your-face, with thumbnails of some of the members that are currently online. As such, you can get straight to the action with no messing around. If you want to message someone right away, all you need to do is click their profile.The website is easy to navigate, too. To search, all you need to do is click the Search tab at the top of the homepage. All the other tabs are self-explanatory. If you want to see some naughty videos, just click the Live-Action tab.Everything is just a few clicks away and I have to give a massive thumbs up for its website layout. Maybe they could have added a bit more color instead of showering the place with white but that’s probably a minor, personal grievance of mine.Arranged to the left of your screen, meanwhile, is all your recent activity. In just one glance, you can see how many messages you’ve got, how many people are on your HotList and so on:

    Privacy and Security

    AdultFriendFinder had a data breach a few years ago, so it’s understandable that some users would be concerned about privacy and security. In 2016, millions of users were left shocked as their profiles were literally stripped bare and exposed to the public.The good news is that AdultFriendFinder has worked had to secure its website since then and you can be sure that a huge data breach won’t happen again. The website is secured by GoDaddy’s web certificate, and all transactions that are processed on are backed up by 256-bit secure sockets layer encryption.

    AFF Data Breach

    If you’ve been reading other Adult Friend Finder Reviews, you’ve probably heard something about this. There have been two instances where member data was severely compromised. In 2015, there was an AFF hack that led to the data theft of up to 4 million users. Then, in 2016, stolen user data from and other FFN properties were leaked.We know. It looks really bad. So, is AdultFriendFinder legit? You’ll be reassured to hear that since these breaches, the site and its parent company have taken serious measures to encrypt data and secure the site as a whole. The site really seems to have gotten security in order.Most recently, in May 2019, the class-action suit brought against AdultFriendFinder was ordered to arbitration by a California federal judge. What’s this suit and where did it come from? Following the breach, Alejandro Gutierrez initially brought the suit against AFF in 2016. The data breach, which took place in October 2016, is believed to be the second-largest dating site hack ever (after Ashley Madison’s infamous security breach in 2015). Um, wow.So what are the claims? The prosecution alleges that FriendFinder Networks exposed between 339-412 million accounts. And claims that this was due to a basic failure in their security. This is compounded by the fact that they did not make this breach known to members in a timely manner. Oof.Unfortunately, this largescale attack was preceded by a smaller breach of almost 4 million accounts the year before. Over 15 million accounts in the most recent attack were deleted accounts for which Adult Friend Finder continued to store details. That doesn’t feel great. You can get all the legal deets of the case here. We’re not sure what happens next, but we’ll keep you posted.In other words, it’s going to be very hard for hackers to get to your profile. Moreover, the company has been at pains to take extra measures to keep your data safe and secure. All the information on the website is protected at a special data center located in California, U.S. Moreover, all new users have to hand over their email address to verify that they’re real and not a scam, and accounts are given a certified ID option so that you know who’s genuine and who isn’t.For more information, you can take a look at the terms and conditions of the website, as well as their privacy policy, where they outline how they collect, use, and disclose your data. This information is also given to you upon signup.

    Adultfriendfinder App

    Sadly, Adultfriendfinder did not have a mobile app until recently. People were using a mobile browser to explore this site from their smartphones. The site is customized to be mobile-friendly, and the desktop version of the site is also available on the browser.The application can now be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store as well. However, the app is not up to the mark as many users have rated it badly and shared screenshots of their poor experience. Therefore, we recommend you to browse it from your mobile browser only.

    Hookup Chance: 4.0/5

    Okay, let’s get to the nitty-gritty: Does Adult Friend Finder work? Is it actually possible to hook up with someone?The first time I tried AdultFriendFinder, I got nowhere. Adult Friend Finder is a super busy website and there seem to be a lot more male profiles than female profiles.But I soon realized that the issue was mine. I wasn’t working hard enough to strike up proper conversations with people.Like any other dating site, Aff requires you to work hard if you’re going to get the sexual experience you crave. It doesn’t matter how kinky or naughty you are, you’ve got to put the effort in.So, I uploaded some more pics, filled out my profile and personalized my account by answering a few sexualized prompts whereby I outlined my preferences, tastes, and kinks … and then the messages started flooding in from real women.For the most part, everyone I talked to seemed down-to-earth, genuine and keen to have a good time. As long as you get along with people as I was doing, it isn’t long before the moment comes when you sort out a meet-up.In the meantime, you’re free to read the blogs, watch videos and involve yourself in the whole AdultFriendFinder community.This is exactly what I did. I chatted to women, arranged to meet and involved myself in the community. Before long, I was heading out to meet real women who wanted the kind of no strings attached sex I was looking for.I also had a friend down in my new city for the weekend recently. We’ve been fuck buddies for a while now, and we decided to test out the AFF community to see if anyone would be willing to join us for some threesome fun.You know what? It was pretty damn easy to find someone who was friendly, genuine, and who met our criteria.All in all, I thought AFF was like a golden ticket to the chocolate factory. It’s like an interactive, dating site version of PornHub where you can act out your most real (and darkest) fantasies on-screen and off-screen.Pros
    • Reputation: Having been around since 1996, Adult FriendFinder is a reputable site that has a massive following of loyal members.
    • Versatility: The site is versatile in terms of options and has features that are easy to use. There’s also a plethora of options to discover all depending on your wildest fantasies.
    • Trends: The ‘what’s hot’ feature allows you to interact with the hottest trending profile users and lets you in on some trendy information.
    • Widely popular: If you live in a well-populated area, chances are that you may meet someone within the very first few hours of joining.
    • Matches may not always be accurate: The data-driven matching system tends to lack a robust algorithm for matchmaking. Sometimes this can cause mix-ups that can turn out to be embarrassing to the user.
    • Free accounts have limitations: While it is absolutely free to join, you may need to become a paying member in order to enjoy access to extra options.

    AdultFriendFinder FAQs

    Does AdultFriendFinder Work?

    Yes, in our opinion, AdultFriendFinder works very well. However, your success comes down to how much effort you put in, the photos you upload, and how you approach conversations. AdultFriendFinder is largely the same. As long as you’re patient, engage with the community and make the right moves, it can absolutely work.

    Is AdultFriendFinder Safe?

    Yes, AdultFriendFinder is safe to use with credit card because they use 256-bit secure sockets layer encryption.

    What is a Featured Member?

    Featured Members show up at the top of the search results. Anyone can become a featured member; you just need to redeem points.


    AdultFriendFinder indulges your kinkiest, sexiest, most erotic, and naughtiest fantasies online. Once you meet the right person (or people), it can indulge them offline, too. In my experience, signing up for premium membership and then working hard on your profile and working hard to engage with the community works a charm.But AFF is really a lot more than that. With features such as live videos and blogs, it feels almost like an interactive porn site. For many, that’s where the fun is. Either way, you’re guaranteed a good time. However, feel free to suggest some other casual dating apps in the comment section.