Best Lesbian Dating Apps

We know you’ve heard so many horror stories about online dating. But be honest, you’ve heard equally as many success stories, if not more – we know we have! Dating apps aren’t only for hook-ups anymore (although if that’s what you’re looking for, they work for that too!), and with the ever-evolving technology, it’s much easier to avoid creepy men and being matched with your ex. To help you navigate the world of dating apps as a queer woman, we’re here to help with some of the best lesbian dating apps around. Some designed specifically for girls who love girls; some not but tried-and-tested by lesbians, all with proven success. Perfect for meeting people while on holiday or just for a casual coffee at your local cafe. These apps put you out there, ready to find your next big love story.


Let’s start with the ultimate in lesbian dating apps, the first app designed specifically for queer women: HER. Not only was it created for queer women, it was created by them. That’s definitely something we can get on board with. Added to that, HER is more of a relationship app than a hook-up one, so if you’re ready to settle down, this is an excellent place to start! HER’s unique selling point is that it mixes dating app with social media through its minimalist layout and user profiles. You can add photos and bios, but there’s no questionnaire of 3082 questions to answer before setting up. The HER community is over 3 million, and you’ll be shown a collage of those nearby. Users have to register through a Facebook account, which eliminates the issue of pervy men catfishing. This better sense of security is great if you’ve been burned by hook-up apps before; it also increases your chance of a good match, of course! While you might feel shy sending the first message, the app has some encouraging dating hacks to help you get the most out of it. It’s not only for meeting people, either – you get info about upcoming LGBTQ events, news, and lesbian movies as well.


Also among the best lesbian dating apps is Fem, which, unsurprisingly, focuses on helping women meet women. It’s free, it’s easy-to-use, and it prioritizes authenticity – no catfishing here. How it does this is through video; users are encouraged to submit video profiles instead of pics, so you know that cute gal is a gal (we know you can steal videos too, but it’s much less foolproof). This also means you get a sense of someone’s voice and mannerisms before meeting as well, which is surprisingly lovely. Aside from the video, everything else works much like your usual app, so you don’t require a 3-hour orientation for it (who’s got time for that, anyway?!). The other unusual aspect is the ‘Rooms’ tool – basically, chat rooms where you can talk about whatever you feel like with other women. This could be to meet locals, chat ‘naughty or nice,’ or more generally about any experiences you want to share. The best place for lesbian t-shirts? That trip to Hamburg? Why we all love sandals? It doesn’t matter what you share; the idea is just to put yourself out there. It’s a fun way to expand your circle a bit and feel more connected, even if you don’t end up meeting the love of your life.


We know, we hate ourselves a little bit for even mentioning Tinder. But seriously, how can you write about dating apps without bringing up this giant? While not specifically a lesbian or even LGBT dating app, there are so many people on there that you’d be remiss if you didn’t at least try it. It’s got a pretty terrible rep for us girls who like girls endlessly being offered men or straight women, but at least there are 37 gender options. It’ll give you plenty of options which are nearby IRL, so if you are looking to get things off the ground quickly (or just need a quick hook-up, no judgments), Tinder will do the job. The thing is, for all its faults, Tinder has actually kick-started a lot of relationships. You can’t argue with those stats, but if you want to have the best luck: put in a bit of effort and leave those lesbian sandals at home…


Hinge is one of the new kids on the block but is quickly acquiring quite a following. While not a lesbian-only app, it’s a unique take on online dating makes it one of the more intriguing lesbian dating apps around. It’s definitely an app for people who are taking this dating thing seriously (some call it the ‘anti-Tinder’), unlike all those gay hookup apps the boys have! Its recent makeover is what has made it suddenly leap to the front of the pack, with an interface that allows you to scroll through potential profiles rather than swiping left or right, so reducing your chances of accidentally rejecting a possible soul mate! It also links with your Facebook to only allow you to match with friends of friends – the idea being that you don’t end up on dates with randoms you have nothing in common with. The downside? Things might end up getting a little incestuous in your friend group if you’re all using it. Or, if you only have straight friends, the pickings might be a little slim! Aside from this, the aesthetically pleasing interface and fresh approach make it a must-try.


This famous site is on the list for much the same reasons as Tinder, though it has a much less sleazy rep. Basically, there are so many people using it that it’s a pool you want to be fishing in. If you can grit your teeth at the male profiles that somehow creep into your matching, you very well might find that lasting connection. Unlike many other online dating giants, OkCupid is pretty queer-friendly, with 12 sexual orientations and 20 pronouns to choose from. They also launched a queer-friendly campaign recently with some seriously cute ads. It’s a lot more relationship-focused than most apps, with more in-depth bios and sets of questions that tell you more about people than simply whether they take a good selfie or not.


OK, with a name like this, how can you resist giving this one a whirl? Another new(ish) app explicitly made for LGBTQ+ women; Scissr answers your prayers whether you’re looking for flowers and hearts romance, a bit of a flirt, or even just to network a bit. Popular in the US, it’s been designed by lesbians, and they guarantee no fake accounts or men, so users should feel comfortable and confident using the app. Simply join up through your Facebook account, create a quick ‘About Me’ and upload some photos, and you’re ready to rock and roll. Filter the potential matches by distance, sexual identity, age, or height and get browsing. You basically ‘crush’ on people via their profile (or they crush on you), and then you can message to get to know them better, which we did with a certain semi-famous lesbian comedian…


New kid on the block Lesly promotes itself as a social network community for lesbian, queer, and bisexual women, and there are officially ‘no boys allowed’! Working more or less like a classic dating app, it’s a secure place for women to meet each other and (hopefully!) fall in love. Who knows, you might even find a lovely lady to buy you jewelry or whisk you away on a dream lesbian vacation. Meet ladies nearby or around the world, depending on how much you travel. Born because its creators didn’t understand why gay men had Grindr and gay women didn’t have anything, it’s still considerably more dating-friendly that Grindr, with women hoping to forge a real connection. As is common with newer apps, the pool to fish in might not be as big as Tinder and similar; but at least you’ll be meeting more discerning types!


Probably the most international of the lesbian dating apps around, Wapa has an interface that’s similar to Grindr, in the sense that women closest to you are displayed at the top. Designed for lesbian, bi, or bi-curious women, it’s simple and easy to use. It’s also worked on security features with the option to send an in-app video message to verify who you are – a feature we definitely approve of. Plus, you get to hear your potential interest’s voice. As we said with Fem, this is a surprisingly reassuring thing when you’re chatting online with someone who is essentially a stranger. Wapa also stands out for its translation feature, which means you can use it while traveling to chat with locals if you don’t speak the language. OK, so when you actually meet up, communication might be an issue – but worry about that when you get to it, perhaps!


eHarmony is a website that most of those in the online dating scene will already have heard of. eHarmony is infamous for its initial personality profile, and extensive document and questionnaire that each new member needs to fill in before they can start finding matches. However, this personality profile is actually one of eHarmony’s greatest strengths and is a big part of the reason that it is considered such a great choice for women, especially those who are minded to one day marry. Even though it’s not primarily for lesbian dating it is still regarded as one of the most respected and reliable names in the whole online dating space. Since it first opened its doors more than a decade ago, eHarmony has refined its matchmaking system and is now in control of one of the most advanced matchmaking algorithms the world has ever seen. It takes a bit more time to create a profile and fill in the questionnaire for eHarmony than it does with many of their competitors, but fear not this is time well spent and maximizes your chances of finding love. eHarmony is one of the few online dating platforms that is consistently rated very highly amongst its female users. This is clearly a platform that has been built with women in mind, including lesbians.

It is designed to be a premier dating platform for professionals so it is aimed at lesbians who are career driven and are looking to meet like minded people. Everything about the platform is career driven so in the questionnaire you will be asked if you are a leader or a follower and if you are a natural problem solver. The questionnaire will take you roughly half an hour so its not a super quick sign up process but the upside is that the platform will have more data to match you on. If you’re serious about online dating you shouldn’t be put off by a long questionnaire, i feel when it comes to online dating you usually get out of it what you put into it so don’t be afraid to put in some effort.


Make no mistake, although Lesbian Personals lets you scroll through detailed user profiles in their search for Ms. Right, it tends to attract hot, sexy singles looking for more casual and erotically charged dates. This is why we rate it highly as the top hookup site for lesbian singles. In particular, lesbian couples looking for a unicorn to join a sexy threesome frequent this site. If you want to push your boundaries a bit and you firmly believe it’s good to share, Lesbian Personals is a good place to start. Be aware that the sex-focus of the site is apparent from the moment you join. Site users have no problem displaying their assets in profile pictures, which is a bonus if you want to see the goods before you meet up! Find out what other users think is “hot” and watch live webcams if you’re willing to pay extra. Other interesting features available include user blogs, contests, and groups. You can search for women online in your area, but the site’s algorithm does tend to return results much farther away than your search criteria. Perform a basic search for free, but if you want to view the full profile of a user, a paid membership is needed. There are different memberships available, plus profile enhancements if you want to access adult movies or ensure your profile stands out.

Tips for Lesbian Singles Dating Online

  • Know What You’re Looking For
  • Try Out Multiple Dating Apps for Lesbians
  • Take Your Time
  • Learn to Use the Features

Know What You’re Looking For

Are you only looking for women or are you looking for men and women? Are you looking for a serious relationship, marriage, or just some casual fun? There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. That being said, knowing where you stand on these questions can help you get way more out of a dating app for lesbians. You won’t have much luck finding what you’re looking for if you don’t know what that is.
  • If you’re looking for something serious, try eHarmony first.
  • If you’re looking for something casual, try Pink Cupid or BiCupid.
  • If you don’t want to deal with any mean, stick to Pink Cupid or BiCupid.
  • If you’re looking for men and women (or are okay using the filters to get rid of the men), give eHarmony or Elite Singles a try.

Try Out Multiple Dating Apps for Lesbians

There is nothing that says you can’t try out multiple lesbian dating apps. When you go out looking to meet people, do you always go to just one bar? Absolutely not! You poke your head in the door, maybe have a drink, and then decide if you want to stay. You can do the exact same thing when dating online. We linked some awesome free trial accounts at the top and bottom of this page so you could “poke your head in” to see if it’s something to your liking.

Take Your Time

You’re not trying to buy a new skirt or a new pair of shorts. You’re trying to find someone special to share your time with. Be okay with the fact that might take a little while. Sure, you might get luck and find that beautiful girl on day one (which happens and is awesome), but it might take a few weeks or months. As long as you approach dating apps for lesbians with the right mindset, you’ll have a lot of success and a great time.

Learn to Use the Features

The reason you pay a dating app for a membership is to gain access to the features. The features are what help you improve your experience and find the person you’re looking for. Take the time to see what each lesbian dating app is capable of doing. Things to look at include matching programs, search functions, filters, flirting options, messaging options, and additional ways to draw attention to your profile.