Complete Review is just one scam after another. During our NoStringsDating rating, we ended up dealing with every single kind of scammer imaginable, which really drove home exactly how scary this site was.

You aren’t safe here. just doesn’t have a reliable customer service desk in place. That means that reporting NoStringsDating scams is really not going to do you a lick of good.

On this site, it’s all up to you to watch your back. You’ll end up with a ton of scammers in your e-mails, and ones that try to chat with you on the site. That means that you’re constantly being watched, and if that doesn’t drive you nuts, then we don’t know what will.

Our Results After 4 Months on

We ended up spending a total of four months on our NoStringsDating rating, and during that time, we sent out 320 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just NoStringsDating scams.

From those 320 e-mails, only a total of 52 responses were recorded. This was pathetic, and really made us unhappy about continuing to use this site for our review.

Not a single woman wanted to meet up with us, which means we didn’t get a single date the whole time we were here. It was a complete waste of our time without a doubt.

Why Just Didn’t Work – Odds of a Scam: High

This site has a ton of scams on it, but perhaps the worst thing is the malware that is lurking in all of the ads that litter this site–and boy, are there a ton of them just lying in wait.

It’s a hazard.

You really want to have fun when it comes to casual online dating, and this site just isn’t going to let that happen. You’re going to constantly be on guard, and that isn’t any way to be at all. in the News

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The Votes Are In: Our Call on Using for Casual Dating?

We couldn’t stand, and that’s why we’d never even come close to recommending it. There’s nothing good about this site, and that’s why you should stay away.