Snapsext Review

There are so many different ways to hook up with people online now. With all the available apps and websites that are considered “social,” you can bet yourself that somewhere in there, people are having sex through using that site or app.

Or hoping to have sex.

One of the more popular categories of hook up sites these days deals with Snapchat sex. These are websites that help you acquire usernames of women on Snapchat who you can exchange nudes with and, hopefully, hook up with if you’re near each other.

Some of these sites don’t even really have anything to do with Snapchat, but the concept is the same; you meet and talk to girls on their website and exchange nude photos and videos with one another, and if you’re near each other, eventually hook up.

One of those sites that we will be discussing today is SnapSext; an online space where people can meet and dirty chat.

So…What Is SnapSext?

As I implied, SnapSext doesn’t really have much to do with the popular social media and chat app Snapchat that has become known as the ultimate sexting app.

Instead, the idea of SnapSext is similar to what you would do on Snapchat — send naked photos and videos, dirty chat with people, and just maybe hook up in real life.

On SnapSext, you can create a profile that is completely customizable, meaning you can choose your name, select your profile picture, and add a description, to begin meeting people.

But just how good is SnapSext at delivering the promise of sex?

Sign Up Process

The profile creation procedure is not involving. A user simply has to provide the following personal details: your sexual identity plus the gender of who you are looking for, your zip code and country of origin, your age and email address and your sexual preferences. The free registration gives a user a chance to mingle with more than 150 000 individuals.

Is It Easy to Use SnapSext?

Thankfully, the developers of this app have made it very simple for you to sign up for their service and quickly create a profile. You’ll simply register for the website – it only takes a couple of minutes – and you can begin viewing potential hook up matches as soon as you finish your profile, which is very easy to create because they share lots of helpful tips to make your profile really stand out.

Next, you may want to choose which members you find hot and those that are not using the tinder-like feature that lets you swipe left or swipe right. Or if you’re searching for a special someone, the site has advanced search features that let you find people by distance, age, appearance, or other criteria.

They also have a free membership guarantee. If you do not hook up during the time you’ve paid for your subscription, they will provide you with a free membership for an equal amount of time to help ensure you end up getting laid.

First Impression

When you first log onto SnapSext, you’ll notice that their layout appears to be very outdated and just looks like a scam site.

Upon deeper inspection, however, you’ll notice that’s not entirely true. But if they want that impression to go away then they’ll need to do some serious site renovation.

You’ll also see a bunch of photos of sexy women’s nude photos from what are perceived to be members of SnapSext, to give you an idea of the type of girls you could be talking to.

SnapSext wastes no time, however, and makes the sign-up process easy and quick to get started by displaying their questions on the homepage. These sign-up questions entail entering your gender, if you’re seeking a man, woman, or couple, your location, age, e-mail, and a password.

Their sign-up process is one of the simplest I’ve seen, and the fact that it is there in (huge) display for you to fill out on the homepage makes it even easier.


Once you’re all set up and have gone through the sign-up process, which doesn’t take more than 10 minutes, you’ll be set to start using SnapSext’s features.

Before you even start to chat with girls, you can browse hundreds of sexy photos in their galleries, where girls upload their photos and videos, and where you can, as well.

There is more than one way to communicate with girls on SnapSext that will make for the possibilities of dirty chat endless. Along with simple chat messaging between you and another member of the site, you can also participate in group chat or video chat.

Video chat includes live streams and regular video chat.

There are also many chatrooms to browse through to connect with more people.

Another great feature on SnapSext is being able to view who is currently online when you log into your account, which you can then click on their profile and communicate with them from there.

Also, you can do utilize their advanced search tool to find a perfect match. Things that you can filter in your search include sexual preference, gender, age, location, appearance, profession, income, compatibility, and interests. All these factors come from the customization of your profile that I mentioned.


Creating your account is free, and if you’re a woman, you can start using SnapSext right away, but not every feature will be accessible without paying for a membership.

As a man, you won’t be able to use SnapSext at all without selecting your membership option.

So what exactly are their options?

You can start out with either a Gold 2 or 7-day trial. The 2-day trial is $0.99 and the 7-day trial is $9.95. If you decide you like SnapSext enough to want to continue using the site after your trial is up, you can select from one of three options; A Gold 1-month membership for $34.95, a Gold 6-month membership for $11.65 per month, or a Gold 18-month membership for $6.67 per month.

These prices are not bad in comparison to other dating or hookup websites. You can get a year and a half membership for only about $120, a price that will be hard to beat. It’s in your best interest to go for the Gold 18-month membership for the best deal.


It’s important to note that each option will rebill at the end of the term. It won’t be for another identical length of time, though. After your term expires, you’ll be billed on a monthly basis. Each one has its own cost. The 2 day option rebills at $49.95 per month. The 7 day option will rebill at $49.96. The one month membership will be a rebill of $34.95. Six months of membership works out to a monthly rebill of $29.95. Finally, the one year option will rebill at the end of the 18 months. This time it will be a monthly charge of $14.95. Once again, the full year of membership works out to be the most economical one. You’ll continue to get rebilled until you decide to cancel your membership or switch over to a new option.

Search Options

The 60,000 active members gallery deserves some respect and recognition, while the absence of fake profiles is a major plus. By completing the basic search you will have stated your sexual orientation, age and gender and seen active online members, browsed member with photos and accessed SMS or text verified profiles.

If you are slacking, just go straight to the ‘Most Popular Members’ section and choose one of the high-rated candidates. Remember that the more active you are, the more your rating goes up. Once you have completed the basic search you can jump ahead to search by advanced characteristics such as hair and eye color, race, religion, marital status, language, profession, income and last login location.


All of the profiles you see on SnapSext appear to be genuine and real people. If you’re an avid user of the Internet and have any experience at all in using sites like SnapSext, then I’m sure you’ve acquired a knack for telling apart fake profiles from real ones. After a bit of browsing, I found no profiles that appeared to be sketchy.

Another pro of SnapSext is that you’ll be guaranteed lots of great dirty chat because everyone on there is seeking the same thing. It’s not a dating site, it’s obviously for casual sex; so you never have to worry about giving someone the wrong impression, or having to lie for sex.

You can also always find people online on SnapSext, and they have a decent amount of users that use the site daily.


Obviously, the biggest con to SnapSext is that it is not free. And worst of all, there is no free-trial options. It’s either you dish out your cash or don’t use the site at all for men.

Also, there is a slight chance that some of the interactions you have on here won’t be genuine, meaning that to get users to stay, SnapSext could be paying girls to interact with you, or they are algorithms of their own. I can vouch for this because when creating my profile for research purposes to go into this review, I left my profile practically blank. After a few hours, though, I had messages from girls already.

It’s up to you whether this is bad or not, but either way, girls will always talk to you on SnapSext and more often than not, they’re real conversations that you start.


Out of all the sites of its kind, SnapSext is one of the more reliable and genuine sites out there. There are real profiles, it’s easy to talk to people, and they have great features. Although their design could use some work, they’re a great site for some extra fun in your life. Their prices are also decent and nothing that will make you go broke at the expense of sex, but can add up if you decide to use it for more than 18 months.