Uberhorny Review

Hookup and dating apps have become a dime a dozen lately, with many new products flooding the marketplace. Uberhorny.com is one such example of a new dating project that’s making some ripples, thanks to its “hire a ride” namesake, which directly relates to the way Uberhorny.com does things.

Why Use UberHorny?

Why not UberHorny if a casual encounter is what you want? You could theoretically cook an egg with a waffle maker since it provides heat, but why would you do that? Why not use a skillet since it’s so convenient to cook the egg with one?

UberHorny’s whole business model revolves around bringing people together to chat, meet, and sleep together. If you have the tool that gets the job done, the only logical course of action is to use it to its fullest potential.

The site offers two guarantees that not many sites in this field can, which is a testament to how well it’s designed and how tight its verification procedure is.

The first guarantee is that there are no fake profiles. This is a big concern with these kinds of sites, as they mislead people using either paid or non-existent members to simulate real interest. It’s a refreshing sight to see when this practice is not evident on a hookup site.

The second guarantee is known as the Three-Month Guarantee. This one shows a level of confidence in the user base and the site’s algorithm. If you don’t find a single hookup within three months of having a paid three-month membership, you are given an additional three months for free!

Uberhorny.com Dating Site Rundown

The dating site aims to match its users with other nearby individuals, using a map much like Uber’s driver map to connect you with the closest compatible matches available. With over 2000 verified unique visitors daily, and a slick mobile interface, it’s in your best interests to keep reading, as I break down what makes Uberhorny.com tick!

Usability: Stripped Back & Easy

The signup process for Uberhonry.com is very straightforward, partially because of its stripped-back web interface. When you land on their splash page, it’s kind of difficult to tell what services they offer unless you dive in. You’ll start by answering a few standard questions like your age, location, and login details like a password and email.

At this point you’ll have to make a choice; Either start checking out the site’s functions, or do what I did, and choose to first finish your list of preferences and search criteria, including options like “only search profiles with photos.” After you’re done, you can hit the “Home” tab in the top right corner and start having some fun.

Features: A Lot To Choose From

So, Uberhorny.com does things a bit differently than some of its contemporaries, and once you enter into the site for the first time, you’ll be confronted with a photo grid of some of your possible matches. Go ahead and click on the ones you find attractive, which will prompt the site to send winks their way, which are kind of like a “poke” or a “flirt” seen on social media sites. If you’re not into this approach, it’s easy enough to exit out and just check out the member map. They offer a bunch of cool features besides the grid, including:

  • Live-stream access to other members
  • Paid members can access CamSoda cams
  • Free video & photo uploads, including nude images
  • Multiple search approaches, including the “Swipe Game” and photo grid
  • Video chat functionality
  • Group chat
  • Multiple chat rooms
  • Live member map, with seemingly up-to-date information

All in all, Uberhorny.com does a great job of providing enough diversity on its site to appeal to a lot of different age & gender groups.

Reasons You Should You Get a Free Uberhorny Login

There are plenty of reasons that you should get your login today. There are plenty of features and extended services that you’ll have access to and all 100% free of charge. You’ll be able to contact a limited number of users on a daily basis and view profile pics. The video chatting and messaging comes at an extra cost to use it full beast mode style.

The good news is that we’ve run tests on all the features the site has to offer. We even went ahead and upgraded to a full premium membership. While the site claims to be free just like many others, it’s one that does have some upgrade options that are worth it. The good news is that you can use a ton of the features on this site for free. You can test things out and determine whether or not it’s something for you. My advice to you is simple, try Uberhorny.com how for free by joining today. Upgrade to increase the chances of getting laid today. We totally believe in this service and everything that it offers.

Trend/Popularity: Peaked in 2016 in the US

Uberhorny.com has only been up & running since February of 2015, with their numbers taking off between October-November of 2016. It’s good to keep in mind that Google regularly makes updates and tweaks to their analytics, but in the case of Uberhorny, the bulk of their numbers came well after the last batch of updates.

Interestingly, the bulk of site visits during the heyday of Uberhorny seem to be from the Great White North, so if you’re someone living on the northern side of the country (or even in Alaska), you’ll absolutely be able to find the kind of matches you’re looking for on this site.

Member Quality: Mostly Spot-On

At first glance, it would seem that Uberhorny.com has mostly real user profiles, at least judging by the nudes that a lot of these profiles use. They tend to look pretty homegrown, and usually, all of the images match each other. A good percentage of these profiles are paid memberships also, which is a great way to keep the “playing field” clear.

During my time on the site, I was sure that I’d found one incredible negative issue with using the site. The problem was that, although my own profile was completely devoid of images and info, I almost immediately started receiving e-mails from potential matches. This seems incredibly shady, as “real” users like myself would be looking for profiles that seem legitimate…wouldn’t they?

The e-mails were from a wide array of potential matches, with many of them not in line with my criteria. Now as I stated, I was very convinced that this was a site-breaking issue, until I reached out to the Uberhorny support team. Within just a few minutes, these messages had seemingly ceased, and I haven’t had any trouble with spam since they stepped in.

Support & Safety: Seemingly Decent

There’s a lengthy text diatribe that you’re required to read through before you start using the site, which claims that Uberhorny.com has a 24/7, round-the-clock team dedicated to making sure you have the most authentic experience possible.

As fake profiles are a recurring problem on sites like these, it’s nice to know that uberhorny.com is trying to provide a well-rounded, safe experience.

Getting in touch with their support staff can be a little tricky sometimes, and responses aren’t always the fastest. However their answers seem to always be correct, and not once did I have a negative experience when requesting their help.

From everything I could find online, Uberhorny.com has no real parent company and instead is privately owned & operated. This makes me a bit curious as to who is pulling the site’s strings, and it’d be helpful to have a bit more transparency….but, all in all, I’m satisfied with this facet of the site.

Pricing: Trial First!

You can definitely get some use out of Uberhorny.com before coughing up any cash, but quite of few of the functions I mentioned above are still only offered with some sort of paid subscription. Luckily, the site offers some very cheap options for sampling everything that they have to offer, including a 2-day option that’s less than $1!

They clearly want people to see what they have to offer without breaking the bank, something I really appreciate.


  • TRIAL 2-Day – $0.95
  • TRIAL 7-Day – $9.95
  • GOLD 1-Month – $34.95
  • GOLD 6-Month – $11.65
  • GOLD 1-Year – $6.67

UberHorny Search Options

If you are new on the site you will enjoy each sexy bit of Uberhorny. On the other hand, if you have been there for a while, and you are sick of checking up all-time popular names, jump straight to the ‘New Faces’ sections to meet fresh hotties.

We have told you the easy way in, assuming that you don’t have much time to spend. If you are on the picky side you can do a thorough sex treasure quest. There are so many search filters to use that we are sure that you can find just what you need. Search by sexual preference, age and gender or by country and city zip, if your priority is location.

After you register, the active page shows who is online and lets you see who is up for a sexy video chat. Always remember that users prefer when they find a photo uploaded to your profile. No one want to talks to an avatar! Provide your phone number to have it verified. Once this is done, you can start sexting to arrange some real fun – a date in person.

Ratings: Almost Non-Existent (70%)

Reviews for Uberhorny are primarily found on their site and on the connected forums. I found them to be fairly average, with a good amount of folks seemingly enjoying their time on the site.

Reviews for Uberhorny.com are missing from mobile app stores, primarily because, well…they don’t have one. Because Uberhorny.com has no mobile app options, users are forced to open the site in a mobile browser instead. It’s pretty plain from the start that the desktop site wasn’t exactly designed to scale down to mobile screens, which makes usage a bit difficult.

Once I learned the subtle differences between these two modes (desktop v. mobile) however, I found that most of the same features you can find on your home PC can be utilized on a mobile browser. I would suggest that you use your magnification settings, as this makes the text far easier to read. With a few tweaks, Uberhorny is still 100% useable on your phone.


  • Full-featured
  • Primarily e-mail based
  • Cheap paid memberships


  • No mobile app, & therefore limited mobile options

Chances of Finding a Date

The chances of finding a date or someone to hook up might be a bit difficult on other sites, but on Uber Horny It’s easy! There are around 7.5 million active members of the site, and over 25m members total. At any given time there are around 6,000,000 members online at once. To find someone to chat with you will have to click on the view all under the “Who’s Online Now” feature and this will allow you to browse through the thousands of members currently online. It seems that you are likely to meet someone after being extremely active on the site for several weeks.

Conclusion: A Sleeper Hit (85%)

There’s quite a bit to like at first glance on Uberhorny.com, including some novel approaches to matchmaking that can make searches on the site pretty fun. I found the live map to be quite useful, and while the website lacks a mobile option, they definitely still maintain functionality across platforms.

If, however, their recently lowered traffic is something that makes you question the quality of Uberhorny.com, I would definitely recommend heading back to the main webpage and checking out some alternate options.